Senior Budget Specialist

Position Description

The Division of Business Affairs is headed by the Chief Business Officer who is the chief fiscal officer for the university. The Chief Business Officer has the following departments under his supervision: Budget Office, Controller, Facilities & EHS, Capital Projects and Planning, Human Resources, Purchasing and Residential Housing (Third Party Financing). The University of Louisiana at Monroe has an Operating Fund Budget in excess of $90 million and an Auxiliary Fund Budget in excess of $20 million.

Duties and Responsibilities

Approximately 100% of this position is devoted to budget related work and is the only support position for the Budget Officer. All of the following tasks are the responsibility of this position but may be delegated and supervised by this position, as schedules and capabilities permit, to student workers.

Budget Production

This position is responsible for developing worksheets, budget forms, work files, formats for information dissemination and collection, data accumulation spreadsheets, printing refinements of state forms and addenda formats as well as input and complete all budget pages, load the corresponding state diskettes, schedule printing, and distribute final documents. These tasks are performed under the direction of the Budget Officer, with minimum supervision. These tasks require extensive knowledge of the entire budget content and format for the Board of Regents Operating Budget, Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System Request Budget and Operating Budget, including Auxiliary Enterprises and the Continuation Workforce Budget Request.

In developing budget worksheets for budget preparation, information is gathered from all areas of the university. Spreadsheets are developed by this position with the assistance from the Budget Officer. Extensive, detail spreadsheets are developed for personnel (unclassified and classified) and departmental costs by object (such as Travel, Personal Services, Operating Services, and Capital Outlay) and by function (such as Instruction, Research, Academic Support, Student Services and Institutional Support). These spreadsheets require salary and related benefit formulas to be allocated, budget costs to be reviewed and balanced to the previous year’s cost by category, department, and function for consideration and action by upper management. Estimates for the new fiscal year budget are developed and distributed for budget unit heads to complete and return for compilation and reconciliation. These spreadsheets are prepared using Microsoft Word and Excel programs. Extensive knowledge of these programs is required for this position.

In performing these duties, this position may require contact with any secretary, department head, dean, or division head, or vice president for information or clarification of information received/distributed.

Budget Control and Overload Policy Compliance

All payroll actions for unclassified employees are processed through the Budget Office for expenditure control purposes, board submittal determination, and overload policy monitoring. This position is responsible for monitoring these actions against the official budget to prevent overspending positions and/or departmental limits, ensure appropriate documentation, prevent overload pay in excess of university policy, and for gleaning update for other details required in budget production and data base completion. This position works closely with the Director of Sponsored Programs to ensure that payroll actions from Grants/Research programs are processed in accordance with university policy.

Quarterly, overload actions are audited and reconciled to the Banner financial records system to ensure compliance with university policy.

This position may require contact with any secretary, department head, dean, or division head for clarification of information presented on payroll actions which varies from budgeted information and/or which requests overload pay in excess of university policy. Since overload pay can be initiated from various funding sources, cumulative records must be maintained for each employee to ensure policy compliance in total.

Discrepancies or problems presented on these actions which cannot be satisfactorily clarified by this position are referred to the Budget Officer for resolve.

Summer School Faculty Workload and Salary Pay Plans

This position is responsible for analyzing and comparing the previous fiscal year’s summer school salary and workload budget to actual salary and workload expenses. This position prepares the current fiscal year’s summer school faculty salary and workload request for Board submission. This request requires calculation of benefits, and verification of salaries to university approved Summer School Faculty Pay Plans.

Board Changes for Personnel Actions Not Budgeted

This position is also responsible for discerning which personnel actions require approval through the governing board. A variety of forms are provided by the University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors for reporting the required actions such as promotions, terminations, retirements, replacements, new positions, new hires and other criteria, all requiring computation of fiscal notes. Except for special problems, this position is responsible for preparing all board change material which is reviewed with the Budget Officer and the Chief Business Officer before approval by the President and submitted to the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System.

Banner Position Control & BOR Database

In conjunction with Human Resources, complete Banner budget form NBAPBUD for each authorized budget position. Twice yearly, update BOR Database with current salary information.

Communicates with program and management personnel for the purpose of providing information and technical assistance needed to resolve funding or expenditure problems.


  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • Basic understanding of campus data systems, i.e. Banner, INB, Argos, etc. preferred.
  • Higher education experience preferred.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel & Word.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to communicate with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community.

Other Information

Send letter and resume to Naomi Mitchell.

The University of Louisiana at Monroe is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.